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New Rolex watches

Limited Edition

ABOUT US - Landmark Watches

We are a recently established company engaged in the selling of high-end luxury watches, top class brands distinguished individuals take pride in owning and wearing day to day or during those special dress-up-your-best occasions. We’re fully concentrated on the world’s most known, much sought after and desired Rolex watches, with its slew of exquisite types and models and exciting accessories. We have made sure that these grand items are all priced noticeably better than traditional online sellers. Our entire collection of these magnificent timepieces are 100% authentic and reliably certified, so you can rest assure each one you purchase is real and worth the price.

Superior White Glove Customer Service

Our brand of customer service is anchored on the idea of going beyond satisfying our clients, but rather impressing them, delighting them and going the extra mile to make shopping with us a rare and extremely pleasant experience. For this we have formed a special team of honest and dependable client service professionals who are Rolex-savvy, so whatever issues or concerns you might have about these superb, classic watches, our highly trained staff will be there ready to gladly assist. These men and women are dedicated to making any sale or mere inquiry about our splendid Rolex watches an easy and gratifying interaction.

We’d love to help you, feel free to call on us anytime.

What we Offer

Our Vision

As we grow each year, we see our company becoming the top online destination for Rolex luxury watches and other high-end exquisitely crafted timepieces. We envision our organization continuing to be preferred by a highly select group of distinguished clients because of the kind of customer service one will seldom find anywhere else.

Our Mission

Our mission is to do everything possible to make sure each customer, whether making a purchase or not gets a sense of having gotten real values from our company while either shopping or simply browsing and appreciating our wide collection of magnificent Rolex luxury watches.

Our “Battlecry”

“Let’s not just satisfy our clients. Let’s impress and delight them with our superb top-of-the-line products and our white glove customer service.”

If you have an interest in Rolex watches or any of our premium timepieces, contact us. We’ll be glad you did and so will you.

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